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Private investigator, photo
Surveillance, binocular

“Lending our eyes and ears to the cause"


Surveillance is the bread and butter of almost all investigations. It is a skill/art reserved for only the most professional agencies and people. Groups that participate in surveillance are few; Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), Canadian Special Forces, Special Police Units and Private Investigation Agencies. We specialize in ;


  • Online surveillance/monitoring,

  • Foot and vehicle surveillance,

  • Public transportation surveillance, and

  • Static (cameras) and non static surveillance. (drones)

Legal Investigtions
Legal Investigations

“For the person who is innocent but needs the proof”

In the age of lawsuits it is sometimes difficult to stay clear and free of false allegations. You could be accused of sexual harassement, rape, armed and un-armed violence causing damage to persons or property. You could be in a fiery divorce and child custody case and your ex-spouse is hiding finances or abusing physically/mentally the children. We can ;


  • Verify employment status,

  • Question and get witness statements,

  • Assist your lawyer with video, photo or audio proof for your case,

  • We can testify, and

  • Much more.

Domestic Affairs
Domestic Affairs

“When they look better than they should, happier than they were and gone at all hours of the night”


Infidelity is on the rise. It's easier now than ever to live a double life online. There are hundreds of dating sites and some are even dedicated to married individuals specifically. We can ;


  • Conduct surveillance and establish the patterns of your cheating spouse,

  • Capture audio or video footage of your spouse's interactions,

  • Verify online dating sites for your spouse's profile,

  • Conduct a "touch" through in person or online interaction and test your spouse's fidelity, and

  • Establish if your spouse might use the services of an escort or prostitute.


"Finding those that wish not to be found.”


Skip tracing is the art of locating individuals that are in hiding. A skip-tracer will use advanced software/technologies to gather information from government, social media and credit sources. Once all this information has been compiled and verified a report is provided to the client. Reasons for Skip-tracing include ;


  • Locating a parent that is not paying spousal/child support,

  • Locating a beneficiary of an estate or life insurance,

  • Locating a lost relative, and

  • Locating debtors.

Background Checks
Background Checks

“When you need to make sure they are actually who they

claim to be.” 


We live in a world where social media makes it easier than ever to connect with each other yet we know less and less about one another. Among all the noise of the internet it is easy to fake a profile, a personality and even a whole life. Our background Checks will make sure that their education, work history and social media profiles are factual ;


  • Past rental verification,

  • Dating and social media profiles verification,

  • Credit checks,

  • Actual name and living location verification, and

  • Work and school verification.

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